Download my demo to take me with you to your customers.

    Inside this kit you will find: an audio reel with and without music, a voice sample for every category (videos, commercials, documentary, audioguides, etc), my set-up technical sheet.

    Getting in touch

    First, you need to send me an email about your project, attaching the text that needs to be recorded; alternatively, you can tell me the length of the text (in words) or its duration (in minutes or seconds). You tell me your budget and the amount of time we have for the recording and the delivery.

    I will answer within 24 working hours and if we agree on everything, I will confirm your job, including budget and turnaround times. 

    Text study and recording

    You may give me indications on the goal you have for the text, on the tone of voice you wish me to use and on pronunciations (proper names of products, people, companies, etc.). 

    I’ll record your text several times while following the rules of diction, working on the tone of voice and on expression.


    I’ll edit the recorded audio and choose which version I’ll keep (which is also the one you’ll receive). I’ll then proceed with equalization and the right compression to create an intelligible and powerful mix. 

    Delivery and invoicing

    At this point, the file will be exported (generally in wave or mp3, 44,100 HZ, 16 bit or in the format you need, which is agreed upon in the offer), then it will be ready to be sent. 

    If everything is as planned, I will issue the invoice after a few days. If the price for the job is over € 500, I will ask you a deposit before recording.

    Think big now!

    You want a professional voice-over talent that will give value to your audio or video project?

    Write to me!


      What are the delivery times?

      It depends on your project: I usually deliver voice-overs that last less than 10 minutes within 48 working hours of receiving the brief. For more complex and longer productions, I will warn you about the delivery times during the negotiation phase.

      I need a complete audio production: voice over, music and editing. Can you help me?

      If, in addition to voice, you need a complete audio production, just let me know: Francesco, my sound designer, will deal with the editing, mixing and mastering, while also composing specific music for your project. 

      How much does a professional voice-over cost?

      The price is established on a project basis, according to text length and complexity. 

      Remember that if your commercial is to be broadcast on national radio or TV, you also need to take the broadcast rights into account: they will be calculated separately based on the advertising schedule (number of days, number of networks, number of broadcasts per day).