It is important to pick the right voice talent for apps and video games.
Why should you pick me? For at least 4 good reasons (plus 1, if you are in Paris).

  1. I’ll introduce you to all the characters in my head
    I have many voices within me, and some even have a name. I’m used to getting in and out of my voice to become someone else. 
  2. I can colour with my voice
    To be the voice of apps and video games, it is important to have a flexible voice that knows how to understand the mood of the project. From interactive children’s fairy tales to a runners’ app, from the adventures of a space warrior to a teddy bear that collects apples in the woods. Doing theatre and musicals for several years has been of incredible help to me, and so has been playing different roles and putting myself in someone else’s shoes. But my passion for impressions and comedy has definitely given me the predisposition to experiment with different voices confidently.
  3. I am fast and receptive
    We won’t have to redo the same sentence 30 times, unless you want 30 different interpretations! I am receptive (I read and interpret exactly how you ask me to) and fast (so we can meet tight deadlines without affecting quality). 
  4. Even in extreme conditions, I am good
    While the voice actors that dub films and cartoons are only called upon completion of the project, with well-defined plot and scripts, you and I know that the dubbing of a video game is often made while the game is being developed, or simultaneously with the dubbing in the original language. It is more complex for the voice over talent to identify themselves only with an audio track of the English, German or French colleague, but even ‘blindly’, I have always managed very well!
  5. I record in your studio in Paris
    Is your studio in Paris? I can come to your studio and record the voice-over for your video game or your app there.

    Inside this kit you will find: an audio reel with and without music, a voice sample for every category (videos, commercials, documentary, audioguides, etc), my set-up technical sheet.

    Here are some examples of app and video game voice-overs that I made for my customers:


    Winx Italia
    Kinder Ferrero
    Samsung Smart TV
    Samsung Smart TV

    Why don’t we start playing with my voice?
    Let’s start with your project and work together!

    One voice, many voices

    I started inventing characters to play with when I was a child, together with my sister. There was the girl who came from Jupiter, there was the Albanian participant of ‘Games without frontiers’, the captain of the spacecraft (I already loved the outer space very much back then). Each of them had a voice, and those voices were me.

    Still not satisfied, I started making impressions. It was the 90s, and comedians had found this way to make people laugh: to make an impression of famous people, people from the show business, politics, culture, and to mimic what they said, their tone of voice, twitches and movements. I was specialized in making an impression of Giulio Andreotti (Italian politician), Carmen La Sorella (Italian journalist), Fantozzi (Italian film character), Heather Parisi (American dancer). I was the one who entertained everyone at parties, while my friends were giving their first kisses. I watched every television show with Anna Marchesini (a great, very amusing Italian actress), Franca Rame, Loretta Goggi, Gigi Proietti.

    If today I can create characters with different voices and identify myself with them until becoming that character, it is certainly also thanks to everything that has happened since then. This applies to video games, but also to apps: given the features of my voice (young, bright and fresh), I frequently play teenage roles or young voices.

    Are you thinking about your next multimedia project?

    Congratulations, you have just found your voice!

    Let’s work together!