It is important to pick the right voice talent for your audio commercial.
Why should you pick me? For at least 4 good reasons (plus 1, if you are in Paris).

  1. Experience
    I have worked for over 12 years in various Italian radio stations as a radio and advertising speaker. I perfectly know how to use my voice to give your brand value in a natural and professional way. I’ve listened to so many good commercials and so many bad ones that my ears have been trained to tell when a commercial works, and when it doesn’t.
  2. Perfect pronunciation and articulation
    You can be sure that you have a professional native speaker who records in standard Italian without regional accents: I’ve studied diction, acting and intonation. Improvising is not an option, if you wish to do this job and obtain credible results. Relying on a non-professional voice actor only causes damage and inconvenience: you pay little to get little.
  3. Faster than a deadline
    Get the audio you need in a few hours.
    Thanks to my home studio, I have been working remotely for more than 8 years with studios all over the world. I can record at any time. Just send me your text and you’ll find the recording in your inbox within 48 hours. And if you want to attend the recording or lead the artistic direction, we can connect during the recording session and you can listen to it live.
  4. Text check
    I am also an advertising copywriter: I can give you tips to improve the text, to shorten it (you and I both know that texts are often longer than they should be), to make it more readable and, above all, listenable. I’ll give you advice to improve your text. I’ll correct words that we do not currently use in Italian, sentences that may have a different meaning when translated into a different language, typos and so on.
  5. I record in your studio in Paris
    Is your studio in Paris? I can come to your studio and do the recording there. 

Here are some examples of commercials that I made for my clients:


Extreme Printing

Why don’t we tell everyone who you are?
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The importance of a professional Italian voice actress for your audio commercial

If you have to do it, do it well.
You have taken care of everything to make it perfect: your studio is equipped with the latest technologies, you have worked hard to get beautiful and important customers, your collaborators are valid and reliable professionals. The quality of the final result depends a lot on the quality of all these elements put together. Even the voice you choose for your audio commercials will play a part for your end goal: to do the best job possible.

What you need, is a nice voice for your audio productions in Italian. A voice that can convey the soul of a product or service, tell about a brand with expressiveness, that knows how to go fast because you only have 10 seconds and the text lasts 15, that knows how to change intention according to your indications, to get so deep into the text that it becomes the meeting point between the brand and those who will listen to the commercial. A professional voice that becomes a present and invisible link connecting brands and people in a happy place. A voice like mine.

It’s time to give your customers a strong, clear, Italian voice.
Let’s work together!

Why an audio commercial in Italian?

Audio commercials are advertisements that usually lasts between 10 and 30 seconds, meant to be broadcast on radio, web radio and music streaming platforms.
The most common one is the radio commercial, originally designed to be broadcast by radio stations during the advertising clusters. But nowadays we have other opportunities to spread our message through the many new audio listening platforms:

  • audio streaming platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud 
  • podcasts: a recent study claims that the ads in a podcast are less intrusive than any other type of digital ad
  • events: the brand can broadcast short commercials for events it sponsors or organizes (sport events, fairs, etc.).
  • voice assistants: a service that still isn’t very widespread, but is growing quickly, and gradually developing a new form of audio advertising. They consist of interactive points where the listener can respond with their voice.  

The most surprising and inspiring audio ads have a 24% higher retention rate than display ads. The audio commercial is an advertising tool that aims at reaching a large audience, and it is an ideal medium for spreading information about a company. It allows the brand to:

  • send a message 
  • share the brand’s universe
  • be identified and recognizable

    Inside this kit you will find: an audio reel with and without music, a voice sample for every category (videos, commercials, documentary, audioguides, etc), my set-up technical sheet.

    The audio brand identity

    Audio advertising conveys a lot of information about the brand’s audio universe. It is a communication channel in which the audio brand identity plays a particularly important role.

    In fact, there are several components of an audio brand identity:

    • first of all, the voice: visionary brands choose a voice so that it can be a spokesperson for its values and its audio identity, and maintain it over time to allow customers to recognize that brand in any context.
    • the audio logo, the sound logo: at the end of the commercial, the audio signature reinforces the presence of the brand.
    • the sound design: is the audio DNA of the brand. It is designed to convey information about the brand’s universe. For example, the choice of the musical mood creates differences in the personality of the brand: the message of a company that uses reggae will be different from that of one using a classical piano.

    Write to me! I can’t wait to give your customers a voice.