Picking the right voice talent for your audio book is very important.
Why should you pick me? For at least 5 good reasons (plus 1, if you are in Paris).

  1. You will be as involved as if I were right next to you
    A mediocre narrator loses the listener’s attention after a short time. A good narrator turns a good text into a wonderful one, and even improves a not-too-convincing story. With my voice, I lighten up the boring parts and highlight those details that listeners would not notice on their own. I take the readers into the story, help them paint a picture while they listen to me, I imagine a scene and recreate it in their mind with my voice.
  2. I get into the text and give it a rhythm
    The voice needs to tune in with the rhythm that the writer wanted for the book. Besides being a narrator, I’m also a copywriter, therefore I am able to look through the words and find the music the author wished to convey in those pages, and to reproduce it.
  3. I create colours with my voice
    For an audio book narrator, it is important to know how to colour the different characters, the different scenes and the different feelings, and to give each one a recognizable connotation. Doing theatre plays and musicals for several years has been of incredible help to me. Reading an audio book reminds me of the time when I was acting on stage, with the same expressiveness and the same power, yet without the possibility of forgetting the line.
  4. I am fast and receptive
    I study the text so that we don’t have to record the same sentence 30 times. If you tell me ‘to change an intention’, or that you ‘want it bluer’, we can do it. Likewise, we can record your audio book over a tight deadline without affecting its quality.
  5. I am an actress, but also a person
    If it is true that, in order to read a text well, you need technique and knowledge, it is just as true that the voice for stories does not live by skill alone. You need a person with a background, who can ‘feel’ the events in order to make the best of those in a book. If there is one thing I can say about myself, it is that ‘I can feel things’.
  6. I record in your studio in Paris
    Is your studio in Paris? I can come to your premises and record your audio book there. 

    Inside this kit you will find: an audio reel with and without music, a voice sample for every category (videos, commercials, documentary, audioguides, etc), my set-up technical sheet.

    Here are some excerpts from audio books I recorded:

    Romeo & Julienne
    Homeless Book
    Barta Edizioni

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    The importance of a professional Italian voice actress for an audio book

    I like reading books aloud. It requires hard work, but it allows me to get into a complete intimacy with the text. I do it often, even when I read books for myself.

    I think it all started on a summer evening, back when I was about 12 years old. I had found this old and dusty book of poems by Pablo Neruda in my father’s library. I opened it, and realized they were love poems. ‘How can you focus a whole book on poems?’ I wondered. It seemed impossible, at that age, that there was someone in the world who wanted to read only poems, one after the other.

    While sorting through the book a little absent-mindedly, I came across a title that struck me: ‘Tonight I can write the saddest lines’.
    I started to whisper the poem between my lips and teeth, slowly, to myself. By the time I got to the end, I was crying. So, I started it all over again, this time interpreting it in a more open voice. By the time I got to the end, I felt strong. I moved on to the Spanish version, on the opposite page. I didn’t know Spanish at that age, but when I got to the end, I wanted to fall in love with someone.

    This is the power of a text, this is the power of a voice. To make what you have inside vibrate even more, to amplify the sense of the text.

      Inside this kit you will find: an audio reel with and without music, a voice sample for every category (videos, commercials, documentary, audioguides, etc), my set-up technical sheet.

      Every story has its own voice: what can a professional voice-over talent give to an audio book?

      An audio book’s success depends on many ingredients, the main ones being the beauty of the book and its interpretation. While it is up to the author to take care of the beauty of the book, I am the one who can help with the interpretation.

      Listening to a story means relying on a voice; a responsible voice with the ability to guide the reader within the plot, to convey emotions, to find the right notes to express the rhythm and the sense of the narration, to make the reader love or hate the characters.

      Because whoever listens to an audio book is not only passionate about a plot: they are also enjoying the interpretation of the person reading it. Reading is a physical art made by a body in order to have some effect on another body: creating physical sensations, emotions touching you ‘on the inside’, giving you ‘goose bumps’, making you cry, laugh, tremble.

      Why do I find reading audio books an extraordinary art? Because the narrator whispers the words of an author to the listener’s ears. It is the narrator who, following the author’s words, builds with their voice the scene, the lights, the costumes of the characters inside a story, and then plays all the roles. In other words, the narrator creates a little theatre within the walls of a recording studio.

      Conveying meanings and emotions without the help of facial expressions and bodily gestures is certainly a difficult task. And I believe that the art of reading audio books is one of the most difficult among the arts focusing on the use of voice, because the narrator has to create tension and attention and keep them constant throughout the whole book, balancing moods, pauses, facts and descriptions with great delicacy.

      Well, I think the time has come to think about your audio book and give it a strong, clear, Italian voice.
      Let’s work together!